In anticipation of Peter Morville’s new book, Intertwingled, the Q crew collaborated with Peter on the redesign and development of his Semantic Studios web site and his new blog, Intertwingled.

Peter sketched out the information architecture using UXPin. His mantra throughout the project was “keep it simple.” No hamburger menu, no complex navigation, minimal interactions, just simple design with a focus on performance. He wanted a responsive site that loaded quickly.

In addition to his speaking engagements and information architecture consulting work, Peter writes. Extensively. He has published four books; he writes a column on information architecture, user experience, organizational strategy, and culture; he blogs; he publishes articles. To emphasize all this content, we took our design direction cues from Medium. Medium has done a great job of focusing the user on content using a simple format with lots of white space and easy-to-read typography.

The images on each landing page were selected from Peter’s own travel photography. At first there was a concern that it was only “amateur work,” but, after some retouching by site designer Insa Keilbach to increase the saturation and crispness of each image, we felt these “snapshots” added a personal touch and authenticity to the site.

The Google fonts used are Lato and Merriweather. The icons are from Font Awesome

Amy Mayer developed both sites in Word Press with the Genesis Framework by Studiopress. She developed the responsive web sites using the mobile-first approach, Sublime Text 2, and Sass. Exporting Peter’s existing content from Movable Type to WordPress was incredibly easy.

As usual, working with Peter is a treat. His focus on the task at hand, his attention to detail, and his goodnatured debates keep us on our toes and striving to do good, meaningful work.

– Christine