I was once told by a business owner that emotion does not belong in the business world – that there should be absolutely no emotion attached to clients, employees, co-workers, etc. During my internship with Q LTD this summer, Christine, Paul, and the rest of the Q team proved to me that emotion in business can actually be a key to success. 

Historically, Q LTD has only offered internships to young graphic designers, and I was searching for a marketing internship. Christine and Paul saw enough potential in me to create a new marketing internship position, providing me with projects that aligned with my professional goals and interests. They made time in their busy schedules to meet with me and review my progress, showing their big hearts and willingness to do everything they could to give me the best experience possible. 

A couple weeks after I started at Q, I was offered a position in my dream location – New York City. Christine and Paul were very understanding; they encouraged me to pursue this exciting opportunity and asked me to stay in touch. 

Things in New York did not go according to plan, however, and I found myself in a very tough situation. I called Christine for advice, and her immense care shined through again. She offered to find some resources for me in NYC, and reassured me that if I was unable to stay in New York that she would keep the position at Q open to me for the remainder of the summer. I really felt that the Q LTD team was there for me and had my back through everything – even when there was no direct benefit for them. 

Ultimately, I did leave New York and returned to Ann Arbor to finish my summer internship at Q. I was able to learn about some of their clients and about their values as a business. The team serves each one of their clients with extraordinary attentiveness, connecting on a personal level and producing beautiful work that consistently exceeds expectations. Beyond that, they are always looking for ways to improve their community – for instance by adjusting their business practices to be more environmentally friendly. 

Q LTD’s team has so much passion for their work, clients, and colleagues. Anyone who has worked with them can attest that genuine heart has always been at the heart of Q’s nearly 40 years of success in business. 

Devin Raymond