Design firm Q LTD recently developed the name, brand identity, and marketing materials for Annuix, a new company that markets annuities and life insurance products to insurance agents and financial advisors.

The new venture was launched by Robert Burskey, an industry veteran who re-entered the annuity and life market after building one of the nation’s largest independent insurance marketing organizations and selling the business in 2006.

Q LTD’s approach to the strategic design project began with a branding workshop, which helped shape the name, identity, and ad campaign for Burskey’s new company.

“Our objective was to help our client and his management team launch the company with branding that reflects the organization’s experience, personality, and innovative thinking behind the products they offer,” says Paul Koch, Creative Strategist at Q LTD.

Part of the marketing strategy also involved working with the Annuix management team to uniquely position the company in a market of well-established competitors by differentiating not only its product line but also its brand launch and advertising campaign. “The Annuix visual identity system is bold and modern. We avoided the tired clichés usually seen in insurance marketing and created a fresh, exciting brand image that stands out in this industry,” explains Christine Golus, VP and Creative Director.

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