Q LTD recently designed and launched a new web site for The Kresge Foundation, a $3.1 billion private, national foundation headquartered in Troy, Michigan.

The revised site embodies everything that Kresge has developed over the past four years, such as an expansion of grantmaking and investing, easier access to information about programs, grant opportunities, and the application process, as well as a library of grantee resources and a new social media presence.

Read The Kresge Foundation’s press release here.

Peter Morville, Q LTD Strategic Advisor and President of Semantic Studios, developed the strategy and information architecture for the new site. The design team, led by Christine Golus, VP/Creative Director, included Jeff Callender, VP/Design Director, and Jocelyn Edin, Art Director.

Q’s web development team was led by Ben Schaaf, Senior Interactive Producer, and also included Scott Tolinski, Interactive Producer, and Mike McMillan, Interactive Intern.

Based in Ann Arbor, Michigan, Q LTD also has offices in San Francisco, and a working partnership with Q in Wiesbaden, Germany. Q LTD’s expertise includes web site design, identity design, and strategic branding.

Visit the new Kresge Foundation web site at www.kresge.org