Design and branding firm Q LTD has been selected by Synod Residential Services to help the organization revitalize its name, graphic identity, and community profile.

After 40 years as a successful and respected non-profit social services agency, Synod is the leading provider of support services for individuals with mental illness, disabilities, and vulnerabilities in southeast Michigan.

“Our team is honored to be selected to provide the tools for community outreach as Synod aims to build its donor base, recruit additional staff members, and communicate the scope of its services,” said Paul Koch, Creative Strategist at Q LTD.

The branding and design work will be handled by the team of strategists, designers, and web producers at Q’s Ann Arbor office.

Q LTD’s expertise includes corporate identity design, logos, web site design and development, strategic brand positioning, advertising, naming, environmental design, information architecture, and social media design and production.

For more than 30 years Q has been committed to making the world a better place through creative excellence in design and communication.