Having a working partnership between Q LTD and Q GmbH provided me an opportunity to work in Wiesbaden, Germany during late summer of 2016. Through the experience, I discovered that the two Qs have more in common than our name.

Our mutual traits of community involvement and support for the arts were evident immediately. Q GmbH has a longstanding connection to the organizations and people shaping the culture and community of Wiesbaden. For instance, Q’s respected design solutions have served renowned institutions such as the Museum Wiesbaden and the Hessian State Theater of Wiesbaden. And the enthusiastic admiration their work has earned them over the years was abundant at the Q-sponsored Rheingau Musik Festival, which I attended during my first week in town.

As the weeks passed, I discovered that both firms also share a culture of being lifelong learners who are genuinely interested in understanding the world and creating opportunities to make it a better place through our work. The Qsters of Wiesbaden shared their own international experiences that provided further inspiration for continual learning and global exploration.

While the two Qs have partnered on international projects, what will be an ongoing shared value is our pursuit to be global citizens.

Thank you Q GmbH and Wiesbaden for warmly welcoming and hosting me as the visitor from overseas.

– Katie