Celebrate with a sweet UX Honeycomb poster!
How do we create a more pleasing and easy to use digital place for our intended audiences? With a carefully crafted user experience. Download our UX Honeycomb poster to learn more about best practices in UX.

What’s the connection to honey bees?
Honeycombs are elegant geometric structures built by honey bees to house larvae and store food – the perfect visual metaphor for the interconnected elements of user experience.

Honey bees provide more to humanity than just the honey we enjoy. We depend on bees for the pollination of many of our agricultural crops. For us, a shortage of bees results in significant economic and food production loss.

In recent years, the world’s bee populations have suffered drastic decline, due to many possible – and preventable – causes, including loss of habitat, disease, nutritional deficiencies, and exposure to pesticides.

We need to care for the environment around us, whether it’s on the web or in the garden.

Bee event in Detroit: visitdetroit.com/event/bee-fest/
Learn more at un.org/en/events/beeday